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I want to allow eager readers to sign up on my website to receive emails from me. I have a MailChimp account and my WordPress expert told me it would take five minutes to install a plugin that uses it.

Yeah, right. Not for me! I installed the plugin and supplied my API key and got this message:

“Uh-oh, we were unable to verify your API Key. Please check them and try again!
The server said:Could not connect (ERR 13: Permission denied)”

Frustratingly, a couple of people logged the same issue on the WordPress forum over a year ago but never received a reply.

I tried another MailChimp plugin – same problem.

The solution lay with my hosting provider. They block outgoing connections by default, but you can add them to a whitelist. Once I did this the problem went away.

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I only send out an email when I publish something new, have a big event coming up, or publish in a new format. So if you sign up to my mailing list you might get one or two mails close together occasionally, but then nothing for months.

I take my readers' privacy very seriously, and will never pass on your email address - Ita