Software security enthusiast

I’m from Ireland. I’ve been a software developer for years, with tons of C++ and .NET consulting experience in Ireland, London and Sydney.

In October 2019 I began studying for a PhD in secure software development at University College Cork under Dr. Klaas-Jan Stol and Prof. Utz Roedig. My research is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and industry via the ADVANCE program.

It’s fascinating. After over twenty years in software development I’m intrigued to see how we developers are regarded by academia. I love working on the bigger problems; how to push tools, organisations, education and the whole software industry towards more secure coding. Without loading everything onto the developer.

I’d be very interested to hear any software security anecdotes or horror stories you might have. In confidence, naturally. My email address is “ita” at …this website. Please put ‘security’ in the title.

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Ita Ryan

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