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In VS2008, I created a new file but it had no code-behind. Chose ‘File – New File – Web Form’. Several times. Tried loads of stuff. No code-behind – the aspx top line was: <%@ Page Language=”VB” %>.

I was thrown because I haven’t used VS2008 for ages. I’d only just installed it and a trawl of Google threw up all kinds of suggestion such as a VS reinstall.

Which wasn’t needed. It turns out you have to add the file via the Solution Explorer to get the code-behind. As in, right-click on the project and choose ‘Add – New Item’.

I stumbled across this while experimenting. Having no code-behind in files added from the File menu is probably a ‘feature’, and so well-known that no-one has bothered documenting it anywhere. Which is why I’ve mentioned it here – hope this helps someone.


I want to allow eager readers to sign up on my website to receive emails from me. I have a MailChimp account and my WordPress expert told me it would take five minutes to install a plugin that uses it.

Yeah, right. Not for me! I installed the plugin and supplied my API key and got this message:

“Uh-oh, we were unable to verify your API Key. Please check them and try again!
The server said:Could not connect (ERR 13: Permission denied)”

Frustratingly, a couple of people logged the same issue on the WordPress forum over a year ago but never received a reply.

I tried another MailChimp plugin – same problem.

The solution lay with my hosting provider. They block outgoing connections by default, but you can add them to a whitelist. Once I did this the problem went away.

If you compete in the TopCoder SRMs, the TZTester plugin is very useful. It calls all the tests for you and displays the results, saving valuable minutes in the arena.
I used it with my old computer but couldn’t get it working on my new one, and with the clock counting down, sod’s law was against me.
$RUNTEST$ and $TESTCODE$ sat in my template, stubbornly refusing to become useful C++ code.
The solution was simple – I found it here.
Just make CodeProcessor your default editor, instead of (in my case) popsEdit.

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